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Things we make:

About bread in general....

Bread is so versatile. You can have it already sliced for sandwiches, or you can cut your own to your own preference. You can eat it as it is, butter it, toast it, fry it, use it as an ingredient, and when it is quite stale - you can feed the ducks with it!

  • Bread is good for you.
  • It contains lots of fibre.
  • You can eat almost anything with it - sweet or savoury!
  • There are lots and lots of varieties and types so you will never tire of it.

Our Bread and rolls....

We make an ever changing and evolving variety of bread. From the usual white varieties; sandwich, bloomers, tin, French sticks etc. to wholemeal and malted varieties.

Of particular significance is our dietary, speciality range of breads:

  • Low G.I – extremely tasty and nutritious. Full of seeds and fibre
  • Cheese & Onion - extremely tasty bread, topped with cheese. Delicious toasted!
  • East Anglian Malted – using all East Anglian wheat, has a great taste and texture.
  • Garlic and Herb Stottie - full of garlic taste
  • Corn Bread - full of tasty sweetcorn.

Our cakes and pastries...

Of course, no bakery would be complete without a large selection of cakes and confectionery! Our range is constantly changing, but the principals of our baking stay the same:

  • We only use all vegetable shortenings and margarines.
  • Most of the fats that we use are of the non-hydrogenated variety.
  • If our product contain nuts, this is stated on the barker in the shop (if you are unsure, please ask a member of staff who has access to more information)
  • We always take the low fat option when choosing ingredients.

We are very traditional in the things that we do, and as such some of our most popular items have been made for generations!

Cream Doughnuts - Jam Doughnuts - Custard Tarts - Devon Splits - Danish Pastries - Scones - Suffolk Rusks - Viennese - the list is endless! Call in to one of our shops to see!